Programming with Minecraft

Introduction to Programming Minecraft Addons

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Introduction to the Series

Short intro to the series

Part 1 - Intro to Behaviour Packs

We introduce types, JSON, and behavior packs in this episode

Part 2 - Intro to Resource Packs

We introduce resource packs, creating items, entities, and modifying player attributes based on equipped items

Part 3 - Building Custom Models and Animations

This week we'll look at building our own custom model, animating it, and configuring it's spawn rules, loot table, and behavior to introduce or own entity into the game.

Part 4 - Project Setup and Intro to Client and Server Side Scripts

This week we'll move on to project and environment setup, and the JavaScript programming language and developing client and server side scripts to introduce new functionality into the game.

Part 5 - Server Side Scripts Continued

This week we dive a bit deeper into server side scripts and try to make sense of the limited API documentation.