Intro to Programming with Minecraft

Learning programming by building Minecraft Addons

This week i’m going to kick off a new video series aimed at introducing children, teenagers, and potentially adults to the world of programming. Rather than producing episodes, I’ll be live streaming the sessions so that viewers can interact and ask questions. The sessions will evolve organically based on questions that are asked. Once we get through the introductory material, the series will evolve into the creation of an addon, and potentially evolve into mods for other games and game development using Unity or the Unreal engine. [Read More]

Virtual Kubelet

Last week was KubeCon. 4,100 Kubernauts descended on Austin, Texas to talk about all things Kubernetes and Cloud Native. During this spectacular event, Microsoft announced a new open-source project called Virtual Kubelet that a number of my colleagues (credited below) and I got together a week early in Austin to hack on. I’m super excited about this project, and I’d like to explain a bit about what it is and why it’s so interesting. [Read More]

Why I Joined Microsoft

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

With all the hype about Microsoft’s hiring streak on the developer advocacy team, it has left a lot of people asking: “What is Microsoft doing?". Many of my new coworkers have shared their views; I thought I’d share my own. Even some of my own friends and family have asked why I would make this move. I’d been working on a great team, working on really interesting and challenging problems. All seemed to be well in the world; what would trigger such a move? [Read More]